Wichita State University recently opened up a new engineering building on its Innovation Campus, which gives people the opportunity to turn their creative visions into reality. Thomas Transfer & Storage helped with the setup of the facility, by moving equipment into the facility's 25 laboratories.

One of the tenants of the facility is GoCreate - a Koch Collaborative and makerspace that provides high tech tools and equipment that inventors and visionaries can use to turn their ideas and plans into prototypes. "GoCreate is about bringing people and ideas together," said Liz Koch. "It’s exciting to think what will happen in this space when people can work together and take ideas from imagination to creation."

The facility includes equipment like 3D printers, garment printers, commercial quilting/sewing machines, laser cutters, CNC and EDM machines, grinders, lathes and saws. Thomas Transfer and Storage helped with the transportation of this equipment into the facility. "We are proud to have been part of the setup of this innovation facility," says Brian Crowe, General Manager at Thomas Transfer and Storage.

GoCreate is membership-based and open to the public. Koch Industries and the Fred and May Koch Foundation donated $3.75 million for membership and training assistance to qualified applicants. You can learn more about GoCreate and membership costs by visiting their website www.gocreate.com.