Moving to a new home can present a whole array of stressors. It can be overwhelming trying to stick to realistic timelines for packing up your belongings and moving them out of your current dwelling. Then, of course, there’s deciding whether to store those packed-up belongings somewhere in the interim, which is usually fairly high on the to-do list.

While some no-frills, DIY movers may opt to pack up everything themselves and be surrounded by boxes until moving day, others may find it’s more practical to find another home for their things, whether it’s for just a little while or for a longer stretch of time.

Benefits of Using Storage While Moving

So what are the benefits of storing your things while you’re in the process of moving? Let’s delve into a few reasons it may make more sense to keep your things packed away somewhere until they’re ready to be arranged in your new home.

It Helps Clear Your Space of Clutter

Moving to a new spot is a huge transition, and it can make your life feel like it’s in utter disarray. It can help to take away some of the visual stressors by storing the household items you’ve already organized and packed away. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes.

Storage Allows for a Longer Timeline to Move

Securing storage allows for moving on your own time, without the procrastination and last-minute stress that almost always accompanies relocating to a new place.

Weekend warriors who spend hours going through their garage and closets get the satisfaction of dropping those items off somewhere for safekeeping. Again, when your things are away from your living space, you get peace of mind and a clearer sense of where you are in the moving process.

You Can Secure a Safe Space for Your Most Beloved Items

The moving process can get messy and somewhat unpredictable, especially when many items need to be moved under a tight deadline. When you choose a storage option, you can remove your most treasured belongings from the high-foot-traffic zone, ensuring they don’t get lost or damaged on those hectic, high-stress moving days.

What Are Some Popular Storage Options?

There are a few good options for those planning to take advantage of storage to simplify their lives while moving.

Short-Term or Long-Term Household Storage

Ideal for those without a strict moving timeline or for those who are in between homes, short-term or long-term household storage solutions are a great way to keep tabs on your personal things while you get your living situation ironed out.

For example, if you recently sold your home or left your apartment and are still searching for the perfect next spot, short-term or long-term household storage can keep your home’s contents secured for as long as you need. Look for a business that offers a clean, air-cooled facility and tracks items with an inventory management system.

Moving Containers

These mobile storage units have gained in popularity over the years, popping up outside of homes and in driveways in residential areas. Usually constructed of steel and built to be completely weatherproof, moving containers provide easy access to your stored items and ensure that your belongings are safe and secure while they await transport.

When you’re ready to move, the container company will pick up the container and drop it off at your new home, where you’ll unpack it.

Self-Storage Facilities

A no-frills option for those who undertake the moving process primarily on their own, self-storage facilities come in a variety of sizes and prices depending on what you need to store. Some people opt for climate-controlled spaces to protect any fragile belongings, and some choose the convenience of facilities with 24-hour access. Keep in mind that with this option, you typically need to do all the packing and moving yourself, and you may need to rent a truck.

Ready to Consider Your Options for Storage?

Thomas Transfer & Storage is a complete moving and storage company with more than 100,000 total square feet of storage space. The company offers short-term and long-term household storage in a facility that’s cleaned daily and air-cooled to regulate the temperature. We keep tabs on your items with an inventory tracking system, so we can locate your belongings anytime you need them.