The stress of a move can be a burden on just about anyone. Having to pack, protect, load and unload all of your belongings is one of the most physically exhausting and least exciting aspects of relocation. For those with kids, this task can be even more daunting as kids can become scared of the idea of relocation, frustrated with the tiresome process of moving, and overwhelmed by the long journey required in a long-distance move.

At Thomas Transfer & Storage, we’re always ready to share our best tips and tricks with families planning on relocating with the kids. Take a look at some of these suggestions for planning your next family move, brought to you by one of the most trusted moving teams in the Midwest.

Start as Early As You Can

One of the easiest ways to make your move go smoothly, even without kids, is to start as early as possible. The earlier you start getting organized, hiring moving services, and packing your belongings, the faster you can be done (and the smoother it will be for everyone involved). With kids, starting early is always a great way to give yourself the time you need to avoid being held back by the inevitable distractions parents face on a daily basis. Making a move more stressful by waiting until the last minute can cause many problems that complicate the process for both you and your kids, so be sure to try to start early and plan out your move as best as you can. 

Pack the Children’s Toys While They Are Sleeping

Any parent knows how difficult completing any household task can be with small children afoot—from doing laundry to washing dishes to preparing meals. Packing for a move, however, can take much longer than you’d think when children are present. That’s why it’s a great idea to pack when they’re not around (or while they’re asleep), especially when packing things they’re likely to fuss over—like old toys they haven’t played with in years.

If you’re moving a toy collection, a trick for packing it up without the hassle is to figure out which toys they play with on a daily basis and will notice are missing. Keep these toys out, and allow them to play with these until the actual move-in date. For all other toys, slowly pack these into boxes while they are sleeping. You might want to keep a couple of them separate from the rest to let them play with during the trip or on moving day, to keep them distracted while you and the movers work to complete the relocation on moving day.

Find Creative Ways For Them To Help

If your children are old enough to help with the move, it’s a great idea to let them. While some children may not have any interest in packing up all their belongings in boxes, you can always make things more exciting for them by making part of the process a bit more fun. This can include pretending that they are wrapping presents that they get to unwrap later, pushing boxes across the floor in a race, or even helping to tape up some of the boxes with duct tape. There are many ways to get your kids to help and being creative with this can help save you some much needed time while spending quality time with your kids.

Make Finding Each Person’s Box Easier

During a move, most people throw everything into cardboard boxes with or without labels. However, during the move or when you have your items stored in a storage unit, it can be hard to quickly identify what is what.

One trick that is a proven, easy way to make this process easier is by using different colors of duct tape when packaging your valuables. Assign each family member a certain color to allow them to easily find their belongings in the big pile of boxes that go into each move.

Offer Surprises Through Steps Of The Move

With kids, it's no secret that bribes are an easy way to get them to do something that they do not want to do. Utilizing surprises or rewards throughout the moving process can motivate any child to help make a move easier. If your child is old enough to be able to complete chores, making a checklist of things that need to be done for the move can offer a great platform to base your rewards on.

Now that we have looked a few different ways to get your move completed with kids as stress-free as possible, it's time for you to try out a few of these suggestions for yourself. Remember that moving isn’t just stressful on us as parents, but it can also be challenging for the children as well. Keeping spirits high is very important, so making the move as easy and organized as possible is highly recommended.  

The best way to enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable move with the family is by hiring the best and most professional moving company you can find. At Thomas Transfer & Storage, we’re dedicated to offering the most comprehensive moving services for our customers, including full-service, no-stress packing, and unpacking services, custom crating, and personalized moving solutions for families. For more information on how we can make your next move a breeze, give us a call or fill out our online form for a free, in-home visit and pricing estimate.