The thought of moving antique furniture is a source of distress for many homeowners. At Thomas Moving & Storage, we know how important your antiques are to you. That’s why we recommend choosing a Wichita moving company that can provide you the specialized services you need to make sure your move goes according to plan. 

Our Wichita antique furniture movers are experienced, certified professionals who are trained in antique furniture moving techniques. Before deciding to move your priceless valuables yourself, consider all of the following ways in which a professional moving company can help you move your household items:

Examination of Weak Spots

It’s important to check for vulnerable points in your antiques and handle them accordingly. Our trained and trusted movers know how to check your china cabinet and antique armoire for weak areas and package them carefully. 

Careful Timing & Placement

When moving delicate items, you should consider when the items will be arriving, as well as where they will be placed. For a heavy bedroom set, you want to make sure the floor on which it will be placed is clear and clean. This will help avoid any delays and facilitate a smooth delivery.

Strategic Disassembly 

You may be tempted to move your credenza or room bureau as-is—but our movers know it’s best not to! By disassembling parts of your antique furniture, we make sure your items are properly packaged and transported cautiously.

Foam & Pad Protection

Your antique sofa and wooden desk are in excellent hands with us. Our movers are familiar with all kinds of furniture textures and materials, making it easy for them to prep your antique furniture for transportation. 

We take our time wrapping your furniture with moving pads and blankets, making sure your items stay in place while on the road. We also plastic wrap large and small pieces of furniture, such as canopy beds and kitchen chairs, to make sure your furniture is not scratched and arrives in the same conditions in which it left. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

When planning your move it can be easy to forget that some antiques are temperature sensitive! We offer custom crating services for antique furniture of all sizes that give your belongings room to breathe. Rest assured that all of your valuables will be kept in excellent condition when in our care. 

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