Making a long-distance move? Hiring a Wichita long-distance moving company is an important step if you want to enjoy a stress-free relocation, but the planning process starts well before moving day.

There are steps you can take now that will save you money, time, and trouble during the move—and as you set things up in your new home.

Thomas Transfer & Storage has been in the moving business since 1945, so we’ve learned a thing or two about ways to simplify your move, and we’re sharing some of our best tips with you.

Reserve Your Moving Date in Advance

The best long-distance moving companies are often booked well in advance—especially during the summer months. This means that in order to get your first choice of Wichita long-distance movers that you’ll need to book your date ASAP. As soon as you have your moving date, your first call should be to book your movers.

Choosing a Reliable Long-Distance Moving Company

When hiring long-distance movers, keep in mind that you’ll have to trust them with everything you own. Choosing based on price alone isn’t a good idea. Instead, select a moving company with excellent reviews from past customers and one that is associated with a major van line. Such an association means that the company is properly licensed to complete interstate moves. If your moving company is not associated with a major van line, be sure to ask them if they are licensed for interstate moves.

Proper Timing is a Must

One thing many people don’t think about when planning a long-distance move is coordinating the dates between packing out the old house and setting up in the new house. This may sound obvious, but many are left with a moving truck full of belongings and nowhere to put them. Planning for temporary storage is a way to avoid this headache. If you work with an experienced Wichita long-distance moving company, your relocation coordinator will ensure everything is well-planned and, if needed, arrange for storage.

Think About Protection Planning

Even if you hire a long-distance moving company with a stellar reputation, things happen. The truck could be involved in an accident, a mover could lose his grip when unloading, or any number of other situations could lead to some of your belongings being damaged. By law, all moving companies must provide free valuation coverage. This means that you’ll be reimbursed for any damage based on the item’s weight. You should also inquire about Full Value Protection. This is an optional protection you’ll purchase, and it will cover any damaged items based on their actual value.

If you have smaller items that are valuable, such as jewelry or smaller pieces of art, consider keeping those with you instead of having them shipped on the moving truck. Doing so will give you peace of mind and reduce the cost of any needed Full Value Protection coverage.

Downsizing Before Your Move

Most people have items they’ve collected over the years that are now outdated or no longer used. A long-distance move is the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of these items. Donating old clothing, tossing that impressive collection of cords that don’t go to anything, and getting rid of furniture past its prime will save you money on the move and make it easier to get set up in your new home without all the unnecessary baggage.

Wichita’s Trusted Long-Distance Movers

For more than 75 years, Thomas Transfer & Storage has been the premier choice for those in need of Wichita long-distance movers. As an agent of United Van Lines, we’re part of a nationwide network of top moving professionals. We provide comprehensive services, including packing, custom crating, vehicle shipping, storage, and more.

Enjoy a hassle-free move with our top-rated Wichita long-distance moving company. Call today for more information or fill out our online form now to schedule a free consultation.