Retirement, change of lifestyle, health, warmer climate, and moving to another state to be near family are some common reasons senior citizens may consider making a long-distance move. Since this move may involve leaving a long-term home or downsizing, it is important that you work with a reliable Wichita long-distance moving company that has top-notch expertise in senior relocations and understands what it takes to downsize a household.  Here are some factors to consider before you settle for a moving company:

Work with a Moving Company That Shares Your Communication Preferences

Effective communication is one vital aspect when considering your move as a senior citizen. There should be effective communication between you and your preferred moving provider. To achieve this, moving companies have several means of communication such as phone calls, video calls, email, text, etc. 

So, you should speak with your moving provider on which of these modes of communication you prefer to ensure a smooth exchange of information. Also, keep in mind that if you have not fully embraced the more technology-based forms of communication, make sure you choose a moving company that understands the importance of excellent phone communication.

Provide Ample Time for the Process of Downsizing

Over time, people tend to collect many possessions, and if you (or a loved one) are moving to a smaller household, crucial decisions need to be made on which of your possessions are worthy of making the move with you. Since many of these items are likely to have sentimental value, adequate time is needed when downsizing. Once you select the items you want to keep, you may donate the remaining items to local charitable organizations. 

Consider Using Full-Service Packing & Unpacking Options

To ensure your items are properly packed for transportation and reduce the time and hassle involved with packing and setting up your belongings, you should consider using the professional packing and unpacking services of your chosen long-distance movers. Also, these options come in handy if you are helping to coordinate a move for an out-of-state relative.

Consider Relocation of Medical Equipment

Medical equipment are very delicate and should be treated as such. So, if you or your relative need to relocate medical equipment as part of the move, you should ensure that your preferred moving company is equipped with the right knowledge regarding medical equipment moves. They should be able to explain the steps they will take to ensure that the equipment is properly protected during transportation.

Help Coordinate the Transportation of Persons & Pets

The essence of a moving company is to help you reduce the stress associated with your long-distance move. Therefore, the company should be able to provide comfortable transportation for you and your pets. Pets are very sensitive, and a stressful move can easily affect them. A good way to keep your pets calm is by keeping them close to you and providing their best food and toys during the move. Also, if you think being accompanied by a relative is a good option that will help ease the stress of a long-distance journey, be sure to mention it to them as an option.

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