No one wants to have their moving plans interrupted by a trip to the emergency room or doctor. The good news is that you can prevent many common moving day injuries with a bit of planning.

Let your Wichita long-distance movers at Thomas Transfer and Storage help you prevent an unnecessary injury so your moving day goes off without a hitch.

The Right Equipment

Make sure that you have the right moving equipment before you begin. Using a hand truck, dolly, or even lifting straps can reduce the strain on your body as you move heavy appliances or furniture. The right equipment can also help you get the job done faster.

Safety First

Take a few minutes to prepare your workspace before you begin moving heavy items or bulky furniture. Slipping in a wet spot on the floor is more likely when your vision is blocked by bulky furniture. Check for loose rugs, tiles, and any areas of moisture that might be in your path.

Be Prepared

For a successful moving day, you should prepare your entire body for increased physical activity. With just a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that you have the energy and strength to make it through your moving day. 

You can prepare yourself by:

  • Getting a Full Night of Rest
  • Making Sure You Are Well Hydrated
  • Eating Plenty of Healthy Foods

The Right Look

Choosing the wrong attire can increase the risk of an injury. So, choose moving day clothing that is comfortable and loose without being baggy. Also, avoid wearing sandals or any shoes with an open toe or heel. 

Don’t Forget to Stretch

It’s not a good idea to start moving heavy boxes, furniture, or appliances before stretching and warming up your muscles. So, take a few minutes to stretch at the beginning of your day and after any extended breaks.

Know How to Lift

Do you know how to “lift with your legs?” While most of us have heard this many times, moving day is an excellent time to review proper lifting procedures.

To lift heavy objects safely:

  • Position your body close to the thing you are attempting to lift.
  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lift with your legs by bending your knees instead of your waist.
  • Keep your back straight. Squat instead of bending over to pick items up or put them down.

Pack Boxes for Easy Moving

How you pack your boxes can play a big role in how heavy those boxes are on moving day. Rather than packing boxes until they are overflowing, use more boxes and pack less in each box. This reduces the weight of each box and decreases the chance of an injury. 

Finally, avoid grouping heavy items such as books together in one box. Instead, spread those heavy items out.

Contact Our Wichita Professional Movers for Help with Your Long-Distance Move

While an accident is still possible, there is no reason to fear a moving day injury if you spend a little time planning. However, when you let our professional movers at Thomas Transfer and Storage handle your move, you can rest assured that your moving day won’t have any painful surprises. 

We offer a wide range of local, long-distance, and cross-country moving services. Call our residential movers in Wichita today for help planning your move or fill out our easy online for a free quote.