Whether you hire home movers or not, moving during warm weather can be challenging—sweat accumulates quickly, your body becomes sluggish, and weariness may begin to set in. However, there are some practical suggestions you can apply to make the most of your relocation in the oppressive heat, so it’s not all bad news. Here are some tips for staying cool during a warm-weather move.

If Possible, Take Kids/Pets Out of the Home

Your home will be open during the move, which means your air conditioning may not be effective at keeping the home cool. So, it’s best to make arrangements for your kids and pets to be in a more comfortable setting at a friend or relative’s house.

Get Plenty of Bottled Water

It can be extremely exhausting for you and the residential movers assisting you to move on a hot day. To manage the heat, you must find ways to stay cool, which is why we advise drinking water regularly. Make sure you and the movers assisting you have access to cold or room-temperature bottled water.

Keep Your Home Comfortable for Those Around

Since your air conditioning won’t keep the home cool enough while the doors remain open, you can run some fans to cool the home for the people around. Also, you should open opposite windows to allow cross ventilation and easy flow of breeze from outside. 

Wear Comfortable and Protective Clothing

The first thing you should do is dress comfortably. To deal with perspiration, wear cotton clothes, sports apparel, or something breathable. Gloves provide defense against jagged edges and friction to prevent hand slippage. Also, wearing closed-toed shoes helps you avoid stubbing toes and accidental dropping.

Prep Your Vehicle

If you’re going to drive a long distance, ensure your vehicle’s AC and engine cooling system are in good condition. This will help you to stay cool in your vehicle and prevent the engine from overheating. Also, your hired long-distance movers can help you transport your vehicle during the move. 

Don’t Overexert Yourself

Breaks are vital so that you can rest and pick yourself back up. Warmer weather makes manual labor more strenuous; take some light snacks to help you endure the project and day. Hire reputable residential movers to handle your move if you think heavy lifting and moving will be too much for you to handle in the warm weather.

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