When going through the relocation process, there is a lot of items being moved around your home. By mistake, an item being hauled from your property can scratch or dent parts of your interior that need repair. 

As residential movers, we have the experience of knowing the steps to protect your home during the move. This article will give you the steps to take for a stress-free move from protecting your floors to doorways.

Protecting Your Lawn

While hauling your belongings from your home to the moving truck, a moving provider will likely use the same pathway. To prevent valuable garden ornaments or statues from being damaged, you should remove these from your yard before they arrive.

Additionally, you should be aware of any recent weather events that could affect the integrity of your lawn. Covering your wet grass with cardboard, plywood, or particle board can minimize damage from foot traffic.

Protecting Your Floors

Your floors are particularly susceptible to being damaged during the moving process. To prep, you should cover your carpeting with plastic wrap to avoid tracking dirt from outside onto the surface.

While working with a professional moving provider, they will likely lay down plastic wrap or particle board in your home. Bringing in dirt from the outside is typically unavoidable, but you can protect your home from permanent damage.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

To protect your belongings from damaging your doorways or stairwell banisters, you should cover them with blankets or towels. Before working with a moving company, you should confirm they have moving blankets that will protect your property.

Wrapping wood that could be scratched is crucial for protecting your home. Additionally, you can remove your doors off the hinges to give residential movers easier movement throughout your property.

Protecting Window and Wall Decor

An easy way to prevent your items from being swiped off the walls is by taking them off before the movers come. When lifting large items, a mover may not have a clear line of sight of valuable wall decor.

These items also include curtains, which can easily get tangled when movers haul your items away. In most cases, a moving company will be careful and avoid hitting the walls on your property.

Protecting Against Spills

Before moving day, it’s best to ensure that any liquid or powder products are tightly sealed. An item that isn’t properly sealed could leak on the floor or walls. If you have items you don’t need, you should throw them away before moving.

While it’s not mandatory, it’s always nice if you want to give the moving crew something to drink. We recommend providing bottled water, as the water is easy to clean if it’s accidentally spilled during the move.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

Lastly, you should always protect your garage flooring from spills and staining that can happen during the relocation. Some of the most common items that can lead to spillage in your garage are:

  • Gasoline
  • Paint Cans
  • Lawn Care Chemicals
  • Gardening Soil

Be sure to discard these items before you start the relocation process. Moving providers aren’t allowed to bring these hazardous items on their moving trucks, so it’s best to throw them away beforehand.

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