Taking care to pack items during a residential move means providing the packaging right for the item. Fabric is no exception to this approach. Here are seven tips to help you safely relocate all of your fabric items during a household move.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

Sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, and other pieces of fabric furniture need a layer of shrink-wrap protection before going on the truck. Shrink wrap will provide adequate protection against dirt and most scuffs. Your professional mover can also move moving blankets to protect them during transportation.

Fabric Artwork & Antique Furniture

Canvas artwork or antique fabric furniture make beautiful décor, but they can be delicate to move. If you’ve invested in pieces like these, it might be worth discussing specialty crating with your residential mover.

Mattresses & Box Springs

Mattresses and box springs are bulky items. If they’re mishandled during relocation, they risk tearing or getting dirty. In most cases, a plastic mattress bag is a sufficient protection. Still, a durable mattress cardboard box can also be used.


Some people choose to leave behind curtains, unsure if they’ll go with the new location. However, if you’ve invested in custom curtains, you may wish to bring those. In that case, fold them over a hanger and place them inside a plastic wardrobe bag.

Cherished Items

Seasonal décor, custom craftwork, or intricate quilts can all have sentimental value, which is irreplaceable. Plastic totes will keep these valuables secure during relocation and serve as year-round storage.

Casual Clothing

Packing up everyday wear may not be required. Heavy materials like denim or leather can weigh boxes down. In most instances, casual wear clothing can be moved inside furniture drawers. Your professional mover will secure drawers from opening during transportation.

Suits and Dresses

If you have clothing that requires dry-clean services, you’ll want to prevent wrinkles or dirt. Consider using a tall wardrobe box so that full-length suits or dresses can hand during a move. You can purchase one of these boxes from your local store.

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