During a home relocation, the kind of boxes you choose to pack and move some belongings matter. That’s because a moving box should properly protect your items from damage. Whether that’s from your large items or the hazards home movers face in transit, these tips will help.

Small Size Moving Boxes

Small cardboard boxes are perfect for carrying items like books and canned goods. They are also ideal for grouping smaller items together.

Medium-Sized Moving Boxes

These moving boxes are the most versatile and can accommodate many types of items. However, ensure that you observe the weight limitations that are printed on the box.

Large Size Moving Boxes

Large cardboard moving boxes are the mainstays of residential movers. They are perfect for carrying lightweight and bulky items such as pillows, comforters, and blankets.

Dish Pack Box

This type of moving box contains dividers that allow you to separate small, fragile items from each other. The dish pack box is handy for packing glassware and dishes but can be used for other fragile items as well.

Wardrobe Box

As the name implies, the wardrobe box has a metal rod inside where you can hang clothing as you would in your closet. When you have some formal wear and clothing you want to keep straight during transport, this box will help.

TV Box

The TV box will come in handy for securing your large flat-screen televisions. Professionals from household moving companies use it to protect your TVs during transportation.

Electronics Box

An electronic box contains thicker walls. It is designed to accommodate the weight and size of some common household electronics, including sound systems, desktop computers/monitors, and microwave ovens.

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

These are mostly plastic bags that protect your mattress and box spring from getting dirty during a move. Also, if you’re willing to part with more money, durable mattress bags or boxes offer extra protection and may contain handles for carrying them.

Large Picture/Mirror Box

You can use this cardboard box to protect large mirrors or wall art from damage. They are ideal for long-distance movers to use since they often contain handles that make them easy to carry.

Extra Tall Box

A residential moving company can help you place tall, narrow items in an extra tall box. Items like floor lamps, golf clubs, and fishing equipment will easily slot in this box type.

File Box

When you have a group of documents and personal files and don’t want to leave them on a desk or filing cabinet during the move, use a file box to transport them.

Custom Crates

If you have items that won’t fit into any standard moving box, talk to a professional moving and storage company about having these items enclosed in a wood crate that is custom-built for that item. Custom crates are fantastic for large items like sculptures and antiques that need extra protection during transport.

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