Moving is a big change in any person’s life since you are moving from a place you called home for so long to a new home. Planning for this big move can require a lot of time and preparation, especially if you have pets. Pets can be stressed because of the change, which is why in this blog post, the professional residential movers here at Thomas Transfer & Storage will go over some tips when moving with pets. 

Prepare For Your New Home

When you prepare to move into your new home, you might call utility companies ahead of time to set up internet and electricity. You should also be researching local vets in the area as well as local laws and regulations if you have exotic pets. If you are doing an international move, then make sure you are aware of that country’s laws and regulations regarding pets. 

Get Someone To Watch Your Pets

On moving day, you and other people will likely be moving various items from inside your home to any moving vehicles. If you have a pet, then they might be stressed because of everything that is going on, not to mention that they might hurt themselves since they’ll be wandering around your home. So, before moving day, make sure you’ve arranged for someone or even a daycare to watch your pet for the day while also providing them with some of their favorite items and treats to make the big change less stressful for them. 

Protect Your Pets Housing

Depending on the type of pet you have, you might house them in a cage, aquarium, or other type of housing. Before your move, make sure you have the appropriate packing materials to safely move them by contacting some long-distance movers in your area. They will usually have the right packing and crating materials and services to move your pet’s housing without worrying about damage being done to them. 

Make Sure You Pack Pet Essentials

If you are moving a long-distance with your pet, then you should make sure that you have all of your pet supplies, pet food, and other items that you’ll need to last for the duration of the trip. You don’t want to be halfway through your trip only to realize you didn’t bring enough food for your pet. By packing your pet supplies ahead of time, you can be better prepared and be more at ease knowing your pet is taken care of. 

Ship Your Pets

A move is stressful for everyone, including pets. If you feel that your pet might be too stressed because of your move, then you should consider shipping your pets. The International Pet and Animal Association can help you find a pet shipping specialist that follows ethical guidelines to ensure your pet is safely transported to your new home. 

Get Ahead When Moving With Pets

Moving is a big change not just for you, but also your pets. With these pet moving tips, you can be better prepared to limit the amount of stress on your pets while also making sure they have a pleasant moving experience.