Planning is a key part of a successful relocation and one big step is contacting a moving company. When hiring a mover, a crucial question is how long should you wait before hiring the moving company.

The timing of hiring a moving company will ensure the smoothest experience possible. This article will cover how long before a move you should contact a moving company.  

Factors that Determine Relocation Timing

When deciding on contacting a mover, there are a few factors that will determine the timeline. The first consideration is the complexity and size of the moving service.

A standard local relocation will require less planning than a long-distance commercial relocation. Household relocations require transporting standard items while a commercial relocation may include specialized equipment. 

Lastly, the season and weather will determine the availability of the moving company. If you want to move during the peak season, it's best to contact a mover earlier to confirm your spot on the schedule. 

Ideal Timeline For Hiring a Mover

If you want to have the smoothest moving experience, you should start researching and gathering quotes 2-3 months beforehand. The choice of commercial mover is an important consideration and should not be rushed. 

Around six weeks before the intended moving date, you should contact a mover and start the planning process. As the plan gets finalized earlier, you can feel confident any potential delays will be eliminated beforehand. 

The Importance of Timing During a Relocation

When hiring a professional business mover, the timing will help to secure your date and provide competitive pricing. If you attempt to hire a moving company at the last minute, you may receive a higher price or unavailability. 

While hiring a mover early, you can engage in clear communication and make decisions based on the move. As a result of clear planning, you can enjoy a seamless moving experience on the moving day.

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